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What is influencing your thoughts today?

How to bring more positive influences into your daily life.

So much of our lives is often lived in autopilot. We watch the same television programmes week on week, we follow the same people on social media, and we listen to the same radio station, read the same newspaper and often talk to the same people.

There is a great deal of comfort in familiarity but so often these habits may be having a negative impact on the way we think and feel.

How often do you find yourself feeling angry, frustrated, envious or fearful after scrolling through social media, reading the newspaper or talking to certain people in your life? Whilst an element of discomfort in our lives can be helpful in challenging the way we think, too much can have major negative consequences.

A way of moving away from autopilot into a more mindful way is to spend some time listing red and green influences.

Red influences are those that leave us feeling angry, frustrated, envious, fearful etc.

Green influences are those that uplift us, motivate us, calm, soothe, reassure or educate us.

During each day keep a note of how you feel as you go through your daily life noting down the red influences and the green influences.

By the end of a week reflect on these influences. What is having the most negative impact? How can you reduce or limit these influences? Maybe it’s time to find some new people to follow on social media? Perhaps reading a different newspaper or changing your television watching habits could help?

In the words of Lisa Kleypas “The way glass can be moulded, blown or cut into any kind of shape made me think about how we as people – our characters – our souls – can be shaped by outside influences.

If you would like to know more about living a more positive and mindful life, please get in touch. As a wellbeing life coach I provide 1 to 1 life coaching sessions. I also run 6 week courses in Mindfulness.

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