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" My coaching sessions with Suzanne have been invaluable. I was at a stage in my life when I needed and wanted a change in my life. Suzanne helped and enabled me to explore my values and really decide what the next chapter in my life would look like. 

The coaching sessions were an opportunity for me to work through uncertainty and confusion. Suzanne is a wonderful, experienced, wise and insightful coach who has enabled me to take the next step of my life with courage and great optimism."

LS Coaching client


"Meeting Suzanne about a year ago, I arrived with an intention of learning about wellness, myself and investigating improvements I could make. I didn’t feel like I had a specific problem to address and would have never considered myself as a candidate for therapy.

What I realised working with Suzanne is how valuable having someone to talk things through with is. We worked on all sorts from my values, priorities, relationships with people around me.. etc.

Each session my wellness tool kit gets more robust and my ability to deal with problems and keep my mental health sharp improves. To the point where 13+ sessions in I am super keen to carry on and keep improving myself and learning so I can help improve for and with the people around me.

Prior to meeting Suzanne, I had a very dysfunctional relationship with alcohol and no real intention of quitting nor expectation that improving my wellness would lead to quitting drinking. I wanted to improve generally but as the weeks and months ticked by my clarity and thinking around my values led to me ditching the booze 3 months ago. Being strong & stable enough to do this has helped catalyst my wellness and helped improve many things for me."


Coaching client, Wirral


"Suzanne's knowledge and experience of wellbeing and welfare in schools is exceptional. Our school community has benefited hugely from her insight and integrity."

 David Burrows, Head Teacher Dawpool CE Primary School, Wirral

"Suzanne was warm and gentle throughout the sessions. She had a very calming influence on the parents who commented they felt this and were in a safe environment. Suzanne listened to parents and really gave them time with no judgement, often giving extra time in the sessions."


Training client, Charity Coordinator

"I started visiting Suzanne at a point in my life of high stress, anxiety and a general unhappiness with my current circumstances. Suzanne was supportive, empathetic and instrumental in helping me develop a structured and strategic path forward by understanding my own values. She armed me with the tools to manage my stress and anxiety through mindfulness and values sessions while always being an anchor of support to me at all times. It would be an understatement to say she “just” helped me. Because of her kindness, support and natural talent to help others, she has been the key to me unlocking major changes in my life and myself that have truly set me on a path to greater fulfilment, happiness and balance. Thank you Suzanne"


Coaching client, Wirral

"I just wanted to let you know how much walking and talking with you has helped me with my anxiety and to put things into perspective. I am not and never have been one for wanting to sit in a room with someone and talk - for me even the thought of it was daunting. I knew I needed help and when I contacted you and you said we could walk along side each other, in the fresh air and just chat, I felt a huge sense of relief. I knew I could access something I needed in a non threatening environment. After our sessions I can honestly say I’m a different person. My anxiety levels have decreased massively, I feel calmer and able to cope again. I can never thank you enough, you have  literally saved me from myself and given me my life back. I will be forever grateful."


Coaching client, Wirral

"Suzanne has such a gentle, supportive and amazingly calming approach. She makes you feel completely comfortable from the very start of the session.  She has years of experience and it shows because she has helped me so much.  I highly recommend her."


Coaching client, Wirral

"I have benefited from Suzanne's expertise, kindness, patience and wisdom on many occasions. Suzanne has always given sound guidance to help me to find ways of solving difficulties. As a teacher, Suzanne has helped me to deal with the stresses and strains of the role. She is incredibly insightful and emotionally intelligent. Suzanne always has the well-being and the needs of her clients at the centre of all she does. I have been privileged to work with Suzanne and witness at first hand the real difference she makes to lives of those she supports."

Lucinda Hall

Teacher, Wirral

"Suzanne has worked with my daughter over a period of 12-18 months and the transformation in her confidence and positive outlook has been monumental. The positive impact this has had on us as a family has been huge. Suzanne is incredibly knowledgeable and experienced in guiding those who are currently finding life full of challenges and I would highly recommend her service. We cannot thank you enough."


Parent, Wirral

"I have known Suzanne for a few years now and I have said in the past “she saved me” and she really has. These past few years I know I wouldn’t have ever been able to get through any of it without her care, support and guidance. Suzanne has always been my voice of reason and to see past the mountains that stood in my way. Suzanne has a gift for making you feel at ease as soon as you're in her presence. If ever I’ve needed guidance to help me move forward Suzanne is always the person I would turn to.  I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Suzanne for life coaching. I can say that without a doubt without her help I wouldn’t be where I am today and for that I am truly grateful."


Coaching client, Wirral

"There were so many impactful parts of the course, too many to write but I found the wheel of life and the mindfulness activity especially helpful. Suzanne's delivery was excellent and she "felt" the audience. I would recommend her training to my colleagues."

Training client, Liverpool

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