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Wellbeing Life Coaching 

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Stress, anxiety, overwhelm, frustration, irritability, lethargy, exhaustion...

these are just some of the feelings many of us experience in our busy lives in 2023. Many struggle with poor sleep, lack of time or motivation for exercise, a mind that never seems to rest and are often using food, alcohol and/or caffeine to help get through the day.


As a wellbeing life coach I will give you the time and space to work on finding greater balance in your life. I will support you in making positive changes to live a balanced, happy and healthy life true to your values.


I have a peaceful coaching room on Wirral where I can work with you on a one to one basis.

Alternatively I can provide coaching online or within the workplace if that's preferable. For those who would prefer to meet outdoors I also offer the opportunity to "walk and talk". Walking side by side in nature gives an opportunity for exercise as well as a greater freedom for self expression. Click on the link below to find out more about "Walking and Talking".








One of the first steps in coaching is to identify what you are needing in life. The next step is discovering what has to be changed and to help you to create new habits, beliefs and attitudes to guide you towards your goals. You would be supported in building a personal toolkit to help you to develop the resilience and skills to face present and future challenges. 

Throughout this process I provide motivation, passion and accountability towards your goals. Ultimately giving you the ability to take the time to enjoy your life, develop relationships and to feel fulfilled.

I have experience of supporting adults facing a variety of challenges and demands in their lives.

I have worked with people who are recovering from cancer, those in difficult personal relationships and many who are struggling with work place stress. This has enabled them to develop coping strategies to help them move forward in their lives.

In the last couple of years I have also helped a number of people in coping with the impact and challenges of the pandemic.

I enjoy supporting clients looking to change direction either with their career or in their personal lives. These 1:1 coaching programmes are aimed at instilling confidence and clarity alleviating the anxiety that change often brings. 

Many of my clients are looking for support as they face life changes e.g. returning to work after illness or parental leave, retirement​, change of career direction and midlife changes such as menopause and children leaving home. These milestones can often feel overwhelming but with the right support you can feel ready and confident in moving forward.


Recognising that you need support with the challenges you face is the first step. The next step is in seeking support. This takes courage and beginning the journey towards a more balanced life requires trust and cooperation. In order to help you towards your goals, we need to work together and trust each other. 


I provide a free no obligation telephone conversation which gives the opportunity for both of us to learn more about each other and to decide if I am the right fit.  If I'm not, I will happily recommend others who may be more suitable.

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Wellbeing programmes

The following programmes are an example of what I can offer to support you through one to one coaching.

All programmes can be adapted to fit your needs and to help you live a healthier, happier and more balanced life.

Spring Clean Your Life - 4 x 90 minute session programme


Retirement Coaching - 6 x 90 minute session programme

Overcoming Stress and Anxiety - 6 x 90 minute session programme

Menopause and midlife transformation - 6 x 90 minute session programme


Building Strong Foundations for Physical and Mental Health - 6 x 90 minute session programm


Effective Change (Career Programme)- 6 x 90 minute session programme


Developing Positive Relationships - 6 x 90 minute session programme

Each programme costs £50 per session  


"You cannot discover new oceans unless you have the courage to leave the shore"

Andre Gide

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