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Walking and Talking

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I have always enjoyed being out in nature and walking in the fresh air lifts my spirits and it has become part of my wellbeing toolkit.

Over the last couple of years I have come to appreciate that for many of us walking is a freedom that is easily available to us and that being out in the elements really is therapeutically good for us all. That is why I have started offering my clients the opportunity of doing what I call “Walking and Talking Coaching” – which means exactly what it says, we walk and we talk.  It does not suit everyone, as many people prefer the safe, cosy environment of my coaching room. But for those who feel constrained by the indoors, or who just feel they can open up more in a wide open space whilst walking through beautiful countryside, then walking and talking is a great option.




So why does walking outdoors help when having wellbeing coaching?  The mental health charity Mind carried out extensive research a few years ago which showed how walking in the countryside could help reduce stress and anxiety. In their survey they reported that 71% of respondents felt less tense after a “green” walk, while 90% felt their self-esteem increase after a country walk.  

Some clients are more comfortable walking and talking and find it easier to start discussing their problems when strolling along the beach or through woodland.  I am happy for my client to set the pace of the walk – if they want to meander along and have a relaxing walk that is fine, but equally we can set a quicker pace if that’s what they feel comfortable with. The footpaths are easy to walk and start from my home but equally on the Wirral we have many beautiful coastal and woodland walks to choose from. 

If you would like to know more about the benefits of walking and talking then please get in touch.

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" A walk in nature brings the soul back home."

                                                            Mary Davis


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