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My top ten tips for reducing the stress at Christmas

Updated: Nov 29, 2022

As Christmas approaches many of us start to feel our stress levels rising at the thought of the cost, a never ending “to do list” and finding time to fit everything in. Here are my top ten tips for reducing the stress at Christmas

1. Make a budget and stick to it

Our happy memories of Christmas often include the laughter, leaving a mince pie for Father Christmas and playing games. Seldom do we remember the gifts we got. Christmas filled with love is more important than going into debt.

2. Rethink high stress and expensive rituals

A family trip to the cinema with a meal may have become a tradition but watching a festive film with a bowl of popcorn cuddled on the sofa can be just as enjoyable and reduce the financial stress.

3. Be content with good enough

We are constantly sold images of a perfect Christmas with a bigger tree, new decorations in this season’s colours and foods that may take us a year to eat, sparkly new outfits and must have games and gadgets. Your Christmas doesn’t have to bigger, better or perfect for you to enjoy it.

4. Think about what’s really important

If your to do list is overwhelming focus on the really important things. Do you have to send dozens of cards or can you send just the most important ones and send an ecard to others? Do your mince pies have to be homemade or can a box from Aldi do as good a job (other stores do them too!)?

5. It’s ok to say no

It’s important to use your time and energy for those who are really important to you. You don’t have to say yes to every invite.

6. Ask for help

You don’t have to do it all yourself. Visitors often like to help rather than standing around. Even young children can help with decorating the tree and laying the table, even if you want to make a few tweaks when they’re finished!

7. Have fun and be present

This Christmas will only ever happen once. Take a deep breath and savour the moments…the twinkling lights, the sound of Christmas music and the taste of your first mince pie.

8. Plan in time for self-care

Often when we’re busy we don’t prioritise ourselves. A soak in a warm bath, lighting a scented candle or having a dance to your favourite music are just some ideas of some time for you to recharge your batteries.

9. Enjoy treats in a mindful way

Those tasty treats can be such an enjoyable part of the festive season. Be aware of the blood sugar highs and lows that can make you feel anxious.

10. The great outdoors

A walk or run outside can help us to cope as our stress levels rise. Walking in morning light is especially good for lifting our mood and helping us to sleep better at night

If you would like to know more about managing the stress in your life and finding greater balance then, please get in touch. As a wellbeing life coach I offer face to face programmes delivered in my peaceful coaching rooms.

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