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The healing power of nature

During these challenging times many people have experienced low mood, anxiety and depression. I've found my daily walks on local beaches and in woodland a huge benefit to my mood and mindset. Whilst acknowledging that there is concern over social distancing, there are many footpaths and beaches that make distancing relatively easy.

Research has shown that regular walks in nature can be benficial in many ways. It can help to improve our focus and attention. Nature walks may be effective as medication in helping people with depression to significantly increase their memory span and improve their mood.

There is evidence that it is the frequency rather than the duration of our walks that can have the greatest positive impact on our wellbeing. Daily walking in nature for a short time may be preferable to extensive walks once or twice a week.

If getting out in nature is not part of your daily routine, BJ Fogg in his book "Tiny Habits", gives the following advice:

"It isn't about willpower: it's about starting small, and making it feel good. Try any habit, make it tiny, find where it fits naturally into your life and nurture it's growth"

If you would like any help or support in developing healthier habits into your daily life please message me. For more information visit

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