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Steps to greater happiness

Step 4 This week I am going to focus on a sense of purpose or "Ikigai"

During the last 6 months many of us found that the "focus" of our everyday lifes changed dramatically. Maybe it was not being able to do the job we loved; unable to continue volunteering; missing out on social and cultural activities or not being able to play a significant role in the lives of our loved ones. For so many of us we lost our sense of purpose. This sense of purpose is fundamental to our wellbeing. It may be that you are now working to rediscover you sense of purpose or you're needing to adapt this purpose to a changed and changing world. The Japanese refer to this concept as "Ikigai" which means our reason for being or the thing that gets you up in the morning. It is often described as having four overlapping elements, like a Venn diagram. The following questions can help you find your own ikigai.

1. What do you love? (Your passion) 2. What does the world need? (Your mission) 3. What are you good at? (Your vocation) 4. What can you get paid for? (Your profession)

Where the answers to these four questions converge is your ikigai.

A wellbeing life coach can work with you to help you to find your sense of purpose. Supporting you and guiding you to make changes in your life to bring a greater level of wellbeing and happiness.

If you would like more help and support please get in touch.

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