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Calming Panic

If you are experiencing feelings of anxiety or panic at the moment here is my 4 step plan to help you to manage the feelings : 1. Pause Observe your thoughts and tell yourself your mind is reacting to these thoughts and making you feel anxious 2. Control your breathing Slow your breathe down, make sure you breathe into your tummy. Breathe in for 3, hold for 2 and breathe out for 3. Count your breaths , take 5 or more breaths until you feel your breathing is calmer and more controlled. 3. Use a coping statement Say to yourself "My anxiety is passing" or "This will pass naturally" or "This feeling is going". 4. Shift your focus by using your senses. Notice 3 things that you can see, hear smell and feel.

I hope these tips help.

For more support on coping with anxiety or panic please get in touch at

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