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During uncertain times it's natural for the brain to try to make sense of what's happening and can lead us to many "What if ...?" thoughts in our minds. All that is certain in life is our present moment. To help you to enjoy the present moment and to ease the "What if...?" thoughts, mindfulness can be really helpful. If your mind is running away with too many "what if" scenarios take a moment to recognise that your mind is running away with you. Say to yourself "This is my mind sweeping me away again". Try to put the brakes on your worry. Ask yourself whether you really know that these worse fears are going to happen? Consider whether there are any other possible outcomes and remind yourself that the world is not so black and white. Then try to bring yourself back to the present moment by taking a few breaths and being aware of your breath and the sounds around you. This can help break the cycle of worry as none of us can know the future, this moment is what we have.

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