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Where is your focus right now?

I'm sure many of us are feeling a sense of overwhelm, sadness maybe even fear, frustration or anger at the restrictions we are facing or about to face in the near future.

Whatever you're feeling, don't criticise yourself for your emotions. During challenging times I believe that all of us experience fluctuating and often overwhelming reactions. The danger can be when negative emotions start to take hold and they take root in our thinking.

One tool for looking at the current situation is to spend time thinking about what you can do. For me, this is walking in nature, cooking tasty meals, watching upbeat films, dancing to my favourite songs, doing my yoga and meditating.

It may help you to take some time today to really focus on what freedoms you still have. Make a list of your own feel good activities and plan them in to your day.

Please leave a comment on one feelgood activity that you're looking forward to. Your ideas may help others who are struggling. Let's spread some positivity.

If you or someone you know is feeling overwhelmed and anxious and are looking for support please get in touch. I can offer walking and talking support as well as online sessions.

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