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Turning good intentions into successful life changing habits

Last week I reflected on how to shift our thoughts away from New Year’s resolutions based on deprivation to thoughts of what we would like more of in our lives. This week I’d like to explore how to make these positive intentions into habits that last. The key to these changes is to build on success rather than repetition. Successful and positive emotions enable us to make lasting changes to how we live and how we see ourselves. • Choose Choose 3 intentions that you really want to have more of in your life e.g. to eat healthier, to exercise more, to get more sleep. • Keep it small By keeping the bar low you set yourself up to succeed. For each intention think of how to make this new habit as small as you can e.g. to eat 1 more piece of fruit or vegetables a day; to do one yoga stretch or one push up. • When Decide on the when to do this new habit. Research has shown that new habits that are linked to our daily routine are more likely to stick e.g. as you put on your dressing gown or after your breakfast. • Where Create the environment so that it’s ready for your new habit e.g. leave a dumbbell or yoga mat out ready for a new exercise. • Notice Each time you do your new small habit notice the feeling of success that comes with it. • A fresh new day Whatever has happened the day before, each new day gives us a new opportunity to build more positive change into our lives. • Find your tribe At the moment it’s more challenging to connect face to face with others that are making the same life style changes as we are. Facebook/Instagram, podcasts can all help us to find these connections and to help us to celebrate our successes with others.

Make today the day you start including more positive habits into your daily life. As you make small changes and feel successful these small changes can grow into bigger changes. Here’s to a healthier, happier and more positive future.

If you would like greater help and support in making change in your life please get in touch. My 6 week programme “Motivation for change” is delivered on a 1:1 basis. Together we could work on identifying what is truly important to you in life. We could then look at creating a clear vision of the new life you would like to live and work on ways of making lasting change. I am offering a 10% discount in January 2021 for anyone who books quoting “New start 21”. Make 2021 the year when you become the person you want to be.

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