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Steps to Greater HappinessStep 7 The healing powers of nature

Nature is a great healer, reducing stress, lifting our mood and helping us to greater health and happiness.

Just by looking at images of nature we can feel calmer but a greater impact can be felt by doing exercise in nature. This “green exercise” such as sailing, horse riding, running or walking can generate positive emotions. An even greater benefit can be felt from doing “green exercise” in a “blue environment” such as a river, lake or sea. My favourite green exercise in a blue environment is doing yoga on the beach with

When we are feeling low or anxious, getting out in nature can feel like yet another thing to add to our “to do” list. In his book “Tiny habits” B J Fogg suggests that to introduce a new habit in our lives we should decide on what will motivate us and to start small. It may be you decide to have your first cup of tea or coffee in the morning looking out over the garden or a window box.

If you find getting out in nature difficult even listening to sounds of nature can be beneficial. Listening to bird song or waves has been found to be really relaxing. Bringing nature into your environment can also have a positive impact. It may be choosing pot plants for your home, a small indoor water feature or photos of beautiful scenery. Changing the screen saver on your phone or computer to one that reflects the beauty of nature can give boost your mood each time you look at your device.

If you would like more support in reducing anxiety and living a more balanced life please get in touch

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