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Steps to greater happiness

The challenges of 2020 have had an impact on many people's happiness. Last week I detailed the importance of play: this week I will focus on another tool... Step 2 Plan a playlist of activities you enjoy

Professor Michael Frisch recommends putting together a playlist of recreational activities you really enjoy and then planning something from this list that you can do each day. One of the benefits of having the list ready is that when your mood sinks, you have a personal prescription for something that will lift your spirits. 1. Write a list of 10 activities (you may have to be a little more creative with social distancing). Some of my favourites are singing in the car to my favourite songs; dancing, playing board games, walking in nature, soaking in the bath... 2. Plan in something from your playlist every day, even if it's for only five or ten minutes. 3. Keep your playlist handy, maybe on your phone or in a diary to act as a reminder whenever you need a boost.

If you would like more support in rebalancing your life at the moment, please get in touch

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