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Research studies have found that regular sessions of mindfulness can decrease levels of anxiety, stress, depression, exhaustion and irritability.

A simple way to bring mindfulness into your life today is to take a mindful walk.

1.Start your walk by standing still and feeling the sensation of the ground beneath your feet. 2. Bring your focus to your breath feeling the air coming in through your nose and out through your mouth. 3. As you start to walk be aware of all the muscles that you are using as your feet roll along the ground from heel to toe. 4. Become aware of each of your muscle groups throughout your body starting from the lower part of your body up to your head. 5. Relax your jaw and facial muscles. 6. Tune in to the sounds you can hear all around you. 7. Let your eyes move from the ground in front of you to the skyline. 8. Be aware of the smell of the trees, shore, flowers etc

9. When you're ready to release the focus stand still and be aware of the sensation of bringing your body to a stop. 10. No matter how mindful you felt you were able to be, congratulate yourself on your intention for bringing mindful moments to your day.

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