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Is your mind feeling overloaded or are you finding it hard to switch off and unwind?

Regular mindfulness or meditation can have a positive impact on our mental health. More and more scientific evidence is beginning to emerge as to it's benefits . Mindfulness can increase our ability to to regulate our emotions which can help improve our own peace of mind and our relationships with others. It can help us to focus on tasks and can be effective in reducing levels of stress and increase our resilience.

This video is a guided body scan meditation that takes us out of the thinking mode and into the being mode. It's important to know in advance that our mind is designed to wander. The more we practise the more successful we become. When your mind wanders during the meditation give yourself credit for having recognised that it's wandered and gently bring your mind back to your body. I hope you find this meditation helpful. If you would like greater help and support in finding ways to reduce anxiety and to rebalance your life then please get in touch

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