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Is it time to Spring Clean Your Life?

When we’re worrying or feeling powerless, "taking control" (of any kind) helps us to feel more "in control" – which in turn helps reduce our fear and worry. Taking action can also be a healthy distraction from the “monkey chatter” of our thoughts.

As we start to look forward to greater freedoms from restrictions now is the ideal time to take action. Time for you to look forward to a more fulfilling life full of fresh hope and a clear vision of living a balanced and fulfilling life, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Here are my 6 steps to a “Spring Clean” for your life:

Step 1. Look at all areas of your life. Identify which ones are giving you a bumpy ride. Maybe it’s your finances, personal relationships or physical wellbeing.

Step 2. Take stock and take action. Identify what’s frustrating you, what you are beating yourself up about and what you really want in life.

Step 3. What zaps your energy either physically, mentally or emotionally? Some relationships can lift and inspire us while others can really drain us. Is your time spent in the best way?

Step 4. Time to envisage the life you really want if you could wave a magic wand. What does your vision of your life in three months time look like? How clear is that vision? By knowing where you want to get to, you can plan how to get there and notice when you have taken steps in the right direction.

Step 5. Time to let go of memories, feelings, behaviours and beliefs that no longer serve you and those that will be a barrier towards building that brighter future. What we carry inside can so often limit our present and future success and happiness.

Step 6. Building new daily success habits. Making small changes to your daily routine could help to make BIG changes to your personal and professional life.

If you feel inspired for a “Spring Clean” of your life but you’re not sure how, when or what to do to, I can help. My new programme, “Spring Clean Your Life” (6 x 90 minute sessions) is delivered on a 1 to 1 basis. I can guide you through each of these 6 steps helping you to build the happier and healthier future you deserve.

The programme can be done online from the comfort of your own home or face to face from 12th April 2021 (restrictions allowing). The cost of the programme is £50 per session and I am offering a 10% discount for those who have been key workers during the pandemic.

Still unsure if this is for you? Here are the thoughts of a couple of my clients whose lives have been changed for the better through wellbeing life coaching:

“… it has been the key to me unlocking major changes in my life and myself that have truly set me on a path to greater fulfilment, happiness and balance.”

“…After our sessions I can honestly say I’m a different person. My anxiety levels have decreased massively, I feel calmer and able to cope again. I can never thank you enough, you have literally saved me from myself and given me my life back.”

To find out more please contact me through the contact page on my website. Alternatively you can email me or phone 07858 463935


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