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Intentions not Resolutions

How many of us make resolutions year on year only to find that these resolutions don’t last longer than a couple of weeks or months at most? With this comes a sense of failure and criticism of ourselves for not making the resolutions last. A way of making successful change for life is to look at creating intentions rather than resolutions. These intentions should be based on what you want more of in life rather than “punishing” yourself through restrictions. Take a moment to think of three things you would like more of in 2021, this may include… To visit new places Improved fitness To improve your knowledge in a chosen area A new hobby Greater connection with loved ones A new career To cook more balanced meals Greater relaxation Once you’ve decided on your three intentions write them down so that you can see them every day. Each morning take a moment to think of opportunities to include these in your day. If they don’t happen on any given day start afresh again the following day looking out for new chances to make these positive changes. If you would like greater help and support in making change in your life I can help. My 6 week programme “Motivation for change” is delivered on a 1:1 basis. Together we could work on identifying what is truly important to you in life. We could then look at creating a clear vision of the new life you would like to live and work on ways of making lasting change. I am offering a 10% discount in January 2021 for anyone who books quoting “New start 21”. Make 2021 the year when you become the person you want to be.

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