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Has 2020 had a major impact on your happiness?

There is no denying that for so many people their happiness has really suffered this year. With loss of freedom, fears for the safety of ourselves and our loved ones and our future plans being cancelled or put on hold it can seem as though “happiness” is outside our grasp. Over the next few weeks I will share ideas for steps to bring “happiness habits” into your life. Step 1. Play While children need no encouragement to play or have fun, adults don’t always give themselves time or opportunity to include the “fun factor” in their lives. Activities such as dancing, sport or gardening have far more benefits for our wellbeing than passive leisure such as watching TV or scrolling through social media. It doesn’t have to be complicated, something as simple as putting on your favourite song and singing and dancing “like no one is watching”. One of my favourites is “Don’t Stop Me Know” by Queen. Being absorbed in a hobby can help the time to fly. A hobby is at its best when you feel at one with what you’re doing and experience a real sense of achievement. The right activity that has an element of challenge without being too hard or too easy can help us find our sense of “flow”. It’s never too late to start that hobby that you’ve always wanted to do. Professor Neil Frude recommends a simple happiness formula: Something to do Something to love and Something to look forward to Make that first step today for a happier future. If you would like more help in finding a more balanced life then please get in touch.

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