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Feeling stressed or anxious?

As many of us are starting to venture out more into public places it is understandable that our anxiety levels may be rising at the thought of what we could face when we leave the relative safety of our own homes. Our anxiety levels may also increase as we negotiate our ways around new systems to keep us safe in the ouside world.

Did you know that calm and gentle breathing activates the calming influence of your nervous system? Research has shown that practising mindfulness of our breath over an 8 week period has been found to thicken parts of the brain responsible for decision making, attention and memory.

Mindfulness of breath, or noticing our breath, acts as an anchor point to focus our attention. Our breath is always available to us, wherever we are.

The attached meditation video can be used at anytime when you find thoughts or feelings overwhelming.

if you would like more support with managing stress and anxiety please contact me at

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