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Be Kind and helpful!

Kindness and compassion are one of the most powerful tools any of us have in our toolbox right now. Many of us are largely housebound so naturally we're going to feel unpleasant and weird. Using kindness can help us to find comfort when we're afraid or feeling anxious or fidgety. Kindness is an important tool to give yourself - and others - the benefit or the doubt. Instead of getting upset when you see other people behaving badly, remember that we all do silly things when we're scared. The Loving Kindness Meditation below is a lovely way of focusing on being kind to ourselves and others. The words in the meditation start May I be happy May I be healthy May I have the power to forgive and accept May I leave in peace. I'm sure these are hopes we all have for ourselves and others. Helping others is empowering and makes us feel better. Here are a few ways you could help others. 1. Check in on a neighbour or friend and see if they need anything. You can do this by phone, or in person, remembering to maintain a distance. 2. Bake a cake or biscuits and deliver them to someone who is struggling at the moment. 3. Reconnect more deeply with friends or relatives who have moved away. Facetime, email or a letter could all be ways of connecting. 4. Remember to say thank you to everyone who supports you. A text message saying thank you for being a good friend can be so powerful to the sender and the recipient. 5. Pass along a great book you’ve finished reading. 6. Think of someone who has had a positive impact on your life, send them a card to say thank you. 7. Sign up as a volunteer. Although there are restrictions, many charities are looking for volunteers to help with shopping etc. for the vulnerable in society. 8. Simply say “I’m sorry” when you’re wrong. 9. Encourage someone who is feeling down. 10. Let a fellow driver merge into your lane. So, which of the above ideas resonated with you? For me, baking for my friends, volunteering for Age UK and remembering to say “Thank you” are steps that I’m aiming to give more time and priority to. Spreading loving kindness has always been a way to make positive change for us all but now it is even more important. This current and strange COVID-19 situation will end. And when it does, you'll be proud you made the effort to bring greater kindness and happiness into your life and the lives of others. If you are struggling and would like more support then please don’t hesitate to get in touch. I offer a variety of well-being programmes such as “Overcoming Stress and Anxiety” and “Building Strong Foundations for Health”.

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