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A balanced Life

Happiness is individual to us all. Getting the balance right between a life spent in pursuit of pleasure and having a sense of purpose is at the heart of finding a happy life. Working too hard can take it's toll leaving us exhausted and often overwhelmed. Too much of a good thing can also have an impact leaving you feeling sluggish and unmotivated...that extra glass of wine, or watching that extra episode of the boxset on Netflix. Looking at the chart I wonder which box you are currently in? For many people in lockdown who were unable to work or care for their loved ones they may have felt adrift without their sense of purpose. Others may have found their usual pleasure activities disappeared, such as time with family, trips to the cinema, dining out etc. As we face a changed present and future how balanced is your life? Are you needing to refind your purpose, are you missing fun and enjoyment? Recognising what is missing is the vital first step, the next stage is to take a small step in the direction that you need to go in ie. toward greater purpose or finding increased opportunities for enjoyment. Make that first step today. If you feel you would like help and support in finding your balanced life please get in touch. www.

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